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  • High Customer Satisfaction with High Integrity & Quality of Services

    High Customer Satisfaction with High Integrity & Quality of Services

    ความพึงพอใจสูงสุดของลูกค้า ด้วยบริการที่ซื่อสัตย์และคุณภาพเป็นเลิศ

  • Corporate & Commercial Advisory Services

    Corporate & Commercial Advisory Services


  • IT-Enabled case/matter management process

    IT-Enabled case/matter management process

    ระบบการทำงานที่ทันสมัย โดยการนำเอาระบบ IT มาช่วยบริหารคดี

  • Executive Legal Advisor or Personal Legal Advisor

    Executive Legal Advisor or Personal Legal Advisor

    ที่ปรึกษากฎหมายส่วนตัวสำหรับผู้บริหาร หรือที่ปรึกษากฎหมายส่วนตัว

  • Business Consulting & Educational Services

    Business Consulting & Educational Services

    บริการที่ปรึกษาด้านธุรกิจ และ การฝึกอบรมสัมนา

  • More than 20 alliances across the globe

    More than 20 alliances across the globe

    การมีพันธมิตรที่พร้อมให้บริการมากกว่า 20 ประเทศ

  • Antitrust & Trade...
    Antitrust / Trade / Consumer Protection Practices In the area of Antitrust / Trade / Consumer Pro
  • Corporate Service
    At Enlighten Corp, the legal practice in the area of Corporate Service includes the following area
  • Dispute Resolution
    Companies today operate in an intensely competitive global marketplace. Cross-border transactions
  • Intellectual Property
    Intellectual Property which includes Patents, trademarks and copyrights are the foundation of many
  • Debt Accelerations
    Although Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is becoming popular, some clients do not want to tak
  • Employment
    Labor, Employment & Employee Benefits People are essential to your business. When it comes to
  • International Commercial
    In international commerce or global trading environment, the cost of ignorance and misunderstandin
  • Major Projects
    Major Projects: Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Natural Resources & Infrastructur
  • Tax Management
    Whether you are structuring a post-acquisition transaction or putting together documentation for a
  • Family Law
    At Enlighten Corp, our Family Law practice, takes care of completed range of legal issues related
  • Automotives
  • Banking & Finance...
    In today's global markets, few financial transactions are routine. They involve risk, reward and

Dispute Resolution

Companies today operate in an intensely competitive global marketplace. Cross-border transactions introduce a host of variables. In this environment, disputes are inevitable. Navigating them successfully requires a combination of global experience and local knowledge.

At Enlighten Corp, our Dispute Resolution lawyers assess your legal risks and liabilities and identify problems before they emerge. When disputes happen, we help you devise and implement the right strategy. Where litigation is required, our lawyers have the experience and know-how to take complex cross-border issues to court, fighting aggressively and incisively on your behalf. And where arbitration, mediation or other forms of ADR are the best option.

How We Can Help

  • Strategic litigation analysis : Legal opinions on potential liabilities, disputes audits and pre-litigation planning - all designed to help you manage risk on a global or regional basis.
  • Litigation services : From breach of contract to product liability to fraud and asset tracing, we guide you through all aspects of the litigation/arbitral process - court/tribunal appearances, selection and management of experts, development and execution of strategy, and conduct of hearings and settlement negotiations.
  • Alternative dispute resolution : Our attorneys are at the forefront of pioneering ADR techniques and, together with accredited mediators, offer a strong complement to our litigation services.

Our Dispute Resolution Team offers clients extensive experience with commercial litigation. We have been successfully involved in a wide range of large, significant and complex commercial litigation cases.

We are known for successful handling of cases for major Thai, as well as multinational, corporations and routinely appear on behalf of our clients at the Civil Court, the Tax Court, the Labour Court, the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, the Thai Arbitration Institute and a variety of other dispute resolution forums.

We handle large and complex commercial cases in the areas of banking and finance disputes; construction; corporate disputes including malfeasance, fraud, and minority shareholders' actions; contract and tort liability claims; partnership and joint venture disputes; insolvency and creditor remedies; intellectual property; maritime; international trade disputes; sale of goods; securities regulation; property disputes; employment disputes; sale of goods; enforcement of arbitration awards; and multi-jurisdictional conflicts. The following descriptions of work, divided by client type, show the breadth of our experience.



We represent a host of major international and local construction firms active in Thailand. We assist in claims for outstanding payment and help resolve disputes between owners, contractors and subcontractors. Our work in this area includes contract preparation, project consultancy, initiating and defending claims, as well as the seizing of property and auctioning thereof to satisfy debts.



We act for many of the largest and most reputable local and foreign banks against defaulting loan debtors through both civil and bankruptcy actions. Our pre-litigation consultancy serves as an invaluable aid to corporations in considering the relative benefits of instituting legal action to recover under loans, bonds and promissory notes.


 Labour & Employment

Our office has successfully represented clients both local and multi-national orgranizations regarding labour relations and labour disputes.

Our lawyers have particular expertise in discretely negotiating jurist settlements regarding sensitive human resources disputes, as well as representation of employers in Thai Labour Court. We regularly provide consultancy regarding a variety of employment issues including working regulations, employee benefits and severance.



Our tax specialists are involved in vigorous appeals objecting to the assessments of various taxes by the Revenue Department on behalf of both local and foreign corporate clients operating in all sectors of the Thai economy.


Bankruptcy and Business Reorganization Law

Our knowledge and experience in handling actions under the evolving Bankruptcy Act is unmatched in Thailand, where we represent major international and domestic companies in providing a full range of legal services including initiation of claims, consultancy in the preparation of reorganization plans and representation of creditors in claims and objections.


Corporate & Commercial Disputes

We have proven track record of success in achieving amicable resolution of commercial disputes, as evidenced by Ministry of Commerce records. We handle joint venture and contractual disputes, as well as shareholder derivative actions, through the civil and criminal courts and have relentlessly enforced arbitration awards through the Thai courts against a number of local companies.


Intellectual Property

Our practice group is well versed in every facet of this area of law, including patents, trademarks and passing-off and we represent clients in all stages of intellectual property protection, from filing criminal complaints and conducting raids, to enforcement in the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court and ensuring cessation of infringement.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

We possess broad experience in resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation and arbitration in domestic and international forums including the Thai Arbitration Institute (TAI), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), as well as ad hoc proceedings.

Our practice group is well equipped to meet the needs of major international clients in disputes against both private and public parties.



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